Continual Worship

Continual Worship

As Christians, we can comfortably fall into a rhythm of attending church on Sunday to worship and listen to a sermon, but nothing in between. Box checked, good for another six days or until next month. Perhaps offering up a simple prayer every now and again between visits.

But we are called in a relationship of Continual Worship.

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Courageous Faith

It occurred to me that I never announced the arrival of my "book baby"...over a month ago! September 1st to be exact. I guess thats what happens when you're taking care of a new born.The outpouring of love and support have been amazing. I'm so grateful and honored to have been on this journey with the Lord in writing Courageous Faith. The process continually stretched my thoughts and beliefs, yet with each challenging step I was met with God's grace and loving kindness. Countless times I experienced His perfect timing and guidance.IMG_9283This study continues to challenge me. You may know the Bible story of the walls of Jericho tumbling down, but Joshua’s journey with the Israelites is so much deeper. Faith is an action word, and Joshua’s life is filled with deep faith and courageous obedience as he lived out the promises of God. Each step of this journey has allowed my faith to take root deep into my heart, resulting in a close walk with the Lord and claimed ground. I'm praying that result for all who participate in this study.Courageous Faith is now available on Amazon. So - grab a girlfriend, your women's Bible study group, or challenge yourself to dig in to God's Word with Courageous Faith. May God be glorified in your deeper relationship with Him.