Are you a Rainbow Chaser?

After an intense summer on the farm, our family packed up to head north for a week of camping and fun before school started. It was towards the end of our first day when the sky grew dark and menacing. The weather never got too bad, but the sky provided an amazing reminder of God’s love through one of the most spectacular rainbows our eyes had ever witnessed. We were glued to the windshield.

In awe, we joked about pots of gold and what might be found at the end. It was in the midst of those silly musings we became utterly amazed. Slackjawed, our heads cocked to one side. It seemed that the rainbow we were so enamored with was smack in the middle of our road! In a split second, prism-like color filled our car and vanished. “What just happened?!” Our brains struggled to identify what had just occurred. It was then our son exclaimed, “We just drove through a rainbow!”

It was one of those moments you’re grateful to have others experience it with you simply for the confirmation that it actually took place. It was wild!

Several weeks later my daughter and I gazed upon another rainbow, though not as vivid. She claimed that we were going to be ‘Rainbow Chasers’ and we should go drive through it again. Unfortunately, I don’t think driving through a rainbow is high on the scale of possibility. But we dreamed of that wild drive-through rainbow once more and pretended to be ‘Rainbow Chasers’ on our way home.

There’s a lot of talk about the promises of God, trusting them, and taking action. It’s part of what makes our faith, faith. But as we “chased” those rainbows to our front door I wondered two things. First, do we really chase after God’s promises as if they were a yes and amen? There are many promises within the pages of the Bible. Do I chase after them, believing as they are true? For example, what about our promise of power through his Holy Spirit living inside of me. Do I act in faith as if it were real?  

Second, if I am chasing God’s promises am I more interested in chasing the benefits of His promise or the Promise Maker himself?

These questions may be a little uncomfortable to answer, but I believe God honors our honesty. Perhaps they will even hold us accountable to where our heart is at. God will not despise a broken and humble heart if that is how we truly approach him with our response. I’m guilty of not acting as if His promises are true. And if I’m being truthful, perhaps every day; and that’s not the kind of faith I want to have.

Chasing the promises of God.

Chasing the promises of God.

Would you spend some time reflecting on God’s promises today? What is the purpose behind God’s promises? How might you be chasing them or not chasing them? Are you chasing the One who makes them?

We are created to be Rainbow Chasers! However, let’s first chase hard after the One who makes them. I have no doubt we’ll run through a few rainbows along the way. It can’t be helped!

For further study: 2 Peter 1:1-5