Unseen Fruit

I spent a little bit of time out in the berries today. At this point in our season, it doesn’t seem like much is happening other than leaves turning color and plants calling it quits for the year. But that’s just it, the plants are not calling it quits for the year. In fact, the past several weeks have been one of the most critical parts to our entire harvest next year. 

On July twenty-fourth, we closed up shop on the 2019 berry harvest. Approximately two weeks later, berry buds for next year began to form. Our next year’s crop was already being dictated by weather, soil health, and various other factors. Presently in our berry field it seems as though nothing is taking place, but in reality this is a vital time of year. Our next year’s harvest is currently being staged by the Creator himself, through a process he’s set up. It requires hard work on our part in advance for things to come, along with a lot of waiting and trust.

Why do I share this? Because sometimes when it feels as though we’ve been completely forgotten by God, nothing is happening, or everything has come to a screeching halt – it may not be true. Might I suggest that when it feels as though nothing is happening, and we desire it to, that is when the deep work might be taking place? Sometimes it’s impossible to see or feel what is going on beneath the surface. Meanwhile, our subconscious has partnered with God through his Holy Spirit en route to transformation that will eventually be visible and real.

Over the past few months I’ve been on a journey with God. I’ve made requests and spent hours in contemplation with tears and questions. At one point I walked away from the thoughts and request for a little while, I needed a break and time to process. But in timing only God can provide, there it was staring me in the face once more. God knew I needed some time, but the break was now over. Once again, I continued the request and challenge. Nothing seemed to be changing. With certainty, the request was in God’s will but not seeing the fruit from my toils became frustrating.

Then it happened. In a split second the light switch got flipped and there was the fruit. Wow. Immediately, I had an internal brain party as it would have been a little awkward outwardly given the circumstances. But glory to God! What seemed to be non-existent came to fruition in an instant. The truth, it was happening all along – I just didn’t see it.

I share all this in obscurity because maybe you need the encouragement to trust God with what you are requesting and the path you are currently on. For me, this has been and will be a deep work. It’s still going and by no means is it complete. In fact, I’m pretty certain this particular things could be in progress until I draw my last breath. But it’s alright. It’s those little glimmers of hope and rejoicing that remind us there is something taking place in the unseen places. The unseen workings can be one of the most fruitful places of our life, which is counter cultural to our present time where people strive to be seen.


So, hang in there friend. I’m trusting and believing for a fruitful harvest that is yet to be seen. When it doesn’t feel like things are happening, know with your mind that God is in complete control and always at work.