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I've always had an affection for growing things, mainly plants. In high school, Jesus captured my heart. I wandered away from the Lord for a while, but as a new mom my heart softened to Him once more. It was during this time God began to grow my love for His word. Through personal encounters with the Lord, a call to women's ministry and teaching became evident.

I love serving in the local church with a growth and hunger to teach and disciple others, especially my sisters-in-Christ. Bearing witness to Jesus touching lives continues to be a humbling honor. One of those ways is through writing, both on my blog and devotionals for LifeWay's publication, Journey.

Next to raising my kiddos and being Gabe's wife, Bible study and a personal relationship with the Lord has become one of the wildest most rewarding rides of my life.

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In 2002, Gabe and I met in college on the campus at the University of Missouri, Columbia. On a warm spring day, a mutual friend introduced us and in awkward silence I giggled like a school girl. Walking to class our match-maker vowed never to introduce me to another guy again; she didn't have to. Two years later we were married.

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Our Family

Our family of four has had many adjustments over the years, but that's part of what has knit us together so closely. If we're not outside, playing sports, or exploring the outdoors, we can be found watching movies, reading, creating, or playing games together. Isiah is an amazing big brother to his sister, Alexandra (Alex). Although they wouldn't admit it publicly, I would say they're best of friends.