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Claim Your Promised Land

So often we ask the questions, “What is my purpose? Why am I here, walking this earth?” Not only are we are created to worship and be in relationship with God, our Creator, we have ground to claim, just like the Israelites. Claiming our earthly promised land (our purpose) is intricately woven into who we are, our relationship with the Lord, and His will. It’s easy to think our purpose is something big, grandiose, and far off. In reality, it’s probably a lot closer than you realize. Where has God called you? What has He already placed in your path and on your heart?

As we study the Book of Joshua together, this seven week Bible study explores what your promised land looks like—that purpose. Through Joshua’s experiences, obedience, and relationship with the Lord, we learn what it takes to identify and claim your ground. Diving deep into God’s Word, life tools will be presented as we apply them to our own life and circumstances. Throughout this journey we consider what it means to authentically live from a place where our identity is based on who we are as God’s creation in Christ, rather than what we do.

“Beautiful teaching”

Without a doubt, Amy’s writing has touched my heart with such a tenderness and eagerness. I can tell you that my desire to hear from the Lord and be found courageously at His feet grew so much under her beautiful teaching. I pray you experience the same.

— Marcia Jordon

“Enlightening journey”

Courageous Faith was an enlightening journey of learning to be confident and courageous in prayer to the Lord, a struggle that always seemed so rote to me. This inspiring study of Joshua has helped me to deepen my walk with Him both through stronger Bible understanding and a heartfelt personal application of study.

— Marla Brady


“Relatable, Powerful, and Life Changing”

"We have the assurance of an inheritance but lack the certainty of where or what it is here on earth." (Week 6)

In this study through the book of Joshua, Amy helps you to dig out nuggets from God's word so that you might have courageous faith to claim the destiny God has prepared for you today. It's relatable, powerful and life changing! 

— Pam Crawford